Galaxy S8 and LG G6: Possible release dates leaked, 1 month gap between both releases


The smartphone world is going to be greeted by flagships in the coming weeks, which will both be released a month apart from each other. The LG G6 and the Samsung Galaxy S8 have now been given release dates from a South Korean source and it seems that LG’s offering will be released on March 10, while Samsung’s flagship will hit the shelves on April 21.

LG seems to be getting a good month and a half of a head start compared to Samsung. This means that the S6 will have to play catch up with the sales of the G6 that is offering a completely new redesign and improved display, optics as well as audio. Those paying attention to market will want to wait until the S6 is released too, however, since the S6 will be released with a brand-new chipset – the Snapdragon 835, and being the first phone to come with the chipset gives users a first experience. It’s easy to wait for something that is more futureproof than the competitor.

The report from South Korea claims that although Samsung handsets release a week earlier in their hometown in South Korea, this time around, the company is releasing it worldwide at the same time in order to mitigate any lapse in the number of units. LG’s units will be made available on March 10 supposedly, with the pre-orders for the phone starting from March 2 to March 9.

As of now, these reports can be treated with a bit of speculation as the sources have not been verified by the two companies just as yet. There are no pre-order details available for the Samsung Galaxy S8 just as yet. When they both do come out however, LG will not have just one, but two phones to compete with – the standard S8 and the S8 Plus. But will it affect sales of the G6 once it’s out ahead of the S8? More importantly, the fact that the G6 now runs on older hardware, will the pending release of the V30 be enough to bring LG on par with the gold standard of 2017?

We will know the answers soon enough, in a couple of weeks. Until then these rumours should be more than enough to have fans in anticipation.


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