Acer’s ‘breathing’ Air Monitor warns when you’re breathing harmful air, and nothing else


The Acer Air Monitor does exactly that – monitoring air quality. The company launched this product recently in order to allow for users to check the quality of air that is being consumed in their spaces. It employs a breathing LED light to show the user the quality of air at any given time.

Not to be confused for being an air purifier, it just analyses the surrounding air and gives the user feedback about air in their homes. The device itself is simple-looking, resembling a small box with a sleek and elegant looking design. The real-time monitoring happens instantaneously and is always on, with the companion app on the phone made to provide a live reading. It also comes with IFTTT integration, which means that it can be linked to an air purifier and enable it to turn on when required during instances when the air doesn’t see so pure.

According to Slash Gear, the LED light on the device blinks in different colours to show different states of the air quality. Air quality here, means different aspects of the surrounding air and what it consists of – humidity, temperature, the PM2.5 and PM10 atmospheric particulate matter, as well as the Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC) as well as the carbon dioxide levels.

As long as the phone is connected to the internet, the app will be able to display all this information. There has not been any word on pricing or availability just yet, but Acer will be delving into that a little later when the device is finally announced. This is not usually a route that Acer takes when making a different kind of a product for the market. In fact, it would have made sense for them to have it in-built in an air-purifier than to have it sold as a separate device that only tells the user how bad the air they are breathing in, is. We are not really sure how many people out there are interested to know how the air surrounding them is, without being able to do anything about it.

It’s a good idea to have as something that is integrated into smart products like a smart thermostat, but it does seem like Acer wants to really bring about environmental awareness to its customers. The Air Monitor by Acer will be available in the second quarter of 2017, but only in selected countries as of now.


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