LG G6 promises new and improved Quad DAC for better audio


LG’s V20 phone provided for some solid out-of-this-world sound performance, superior to the best that we have currently in the market. And all of this was possible, thanks to the Quad DAC 32-bit module. The company aims to outdo itself again with the release of the new G6, which will be a new and improved version of the same.

A better DAC module

This time around, the module will be able to control the left and right channels separately for much better-balanced sound. The new DAC is also a lot more durable now, reducing distortion levels to as low as 0.0002 (we didn’t even know it could go that low) and bringing down the loss of information, thanks to its wicked circuit integration.

The G6 will be officially unveiled at the MWC in Barcelona by the end of February, when people will be able to enjoy the sound quality in person. The Quad DAC isn’t the only thing that LG G6 is boasting this year too. In light of Samsung’s unfortunate affairs regarding the Note 7, LG has promised better reliability on the phone. One of the ways it is offering this will be by way of a Gorilla Glass 5 protective covering for the screen.

Will be water resistant

This means that there will most definitely be a headphone jack. And with devices like the G6 featuring modules like Quad DAC, it’s a good assurance that we still need the native compatibility and quality that only a headphone jack can provide us. The device will also be water-resistant and will also sport Google Assistant as well. The screen will be pretty unique, featuring an 18:9 aspect ratio, according to Engadget.

The V20 was a revelation in audio delivery. No one expected to hear crystal clear sound from a mobile device as good as the V20 produced. It seems like the G6 is planning on making this a family affair. This could well be the reason why people would convert to LG from the other offerings out there right now.

Not the latest Snapdragon processor

The only deal breaker for the phone might probably be the fact that it won’t come with Snapdragon 835 just yet, so buyers will have to settle for the Snapdragon 821 in its stead. Strategy-wise, it’s a good move, because the 835 is launching with Samsung’s Galaxy S8. And LG can use its time and resources to get a head start on the sales of its device before the S8.

Whatever the case is, it will be a good phone to look forward to. The competition has their work cut out for them.


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