iPhone 8 rumor roundup: OLED screen, A11 processor and larger display in the works


The iPhone 8 wave has reached an all-time high. Although the phone is still months away from launch there are number of new rumors floating about that indicate Apple is making serious changes to its iPhone line-up, starting with the iPhone 8. Here is a round-up of all that the iPhone is supposed to come with so far, subject to evidence.

Glass and steel construction

Taking a page out of its old handbook, it is said that Apple, will be reverting to their old glass and steel construction frame that was seen last on the iPhone 4s. If reports are to be believed, the iPhone will feature a shatter-proof glass that will make it difficult to break the phone, something that will be seen on many phones in the coming months.

Screen size

While there were some suggestions that claimed that the iPhone would support a 5.8-inch OLED panel, it did seem like a far-out idea for Apple to endorse. It seems that it is, since now the rumor-mill has verified that instead, there will be either a 5.1-inch or a 5.2-inch screen used as the iPhone’s display. Foxconn has been in the forefront of this news, having been given the order by Apple to build the display using Sharp’s technology. The display manufacturing facility will cost $7 billion to make and will probably provide new job opportunities – all for a single smartphone.

Renderings have also been made of the iPhone’s display. Some deemed it to be an edge-to-edge display that will probably cover a majority of the front of the phone. It has not been confirmed whether the fingerprint sensor will be embedded into the screen or whether it will have a curved display, but it seems imminent that the display screen will most definitely be from Sharp and that it mostly will be of the OLED variety.


The iPhone 8 is perhaps going to have a very radical internal set up, with speculations that Apple will be placing their proprietary 10-nanometer A11 chip that is said to be much faster than previous A-series chips that have been found on iPhones. It should enable features such as wireless charging and biometric security features. TSMC has already been given the order requirement for developing the A11 chipset, so it is possible to assume that this part of the device has already been locked in. No need to worry about any rumors or speculations here.


The Anniversary Edition of the iPhone may feature two lenses, both fitted with OIS, providing proper stabilization for wide-angled shots and for the telephoto lens. Apple may use an LG camera module that will allow the phone to shoot in 3D. Even the placement of the cameras at the back could be altered a bit, with Apple probably moving towards a vertical set rather than a horizontal set up in the last iteration of the iPhone.

After the iPhone 8

The new iPhone will not be the only new development to be hyped about. LG has shown interest in creating foldable displays that it will introduce in the markets from 2018. Even Apple has shown a keen interest in being a part of that display project. Perhaps a curve or foldable screen could be in the works for the successor to the iPhone 8?

Although the validity of these rumors is yet to be seen, the velocity at which they have been circling around the news has been unprecedented, making the iPhone 8 one of the most talked about phones since the iPhone 7. One feature that we are sure users would look forward to the most, if actually started, would be the reprise of the headphone jack. Someone should spread it so fast, that even Apple wouldn’t have a choice but to add it.


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