Xiaomi makes its way to Pakistan, will sell smartphones and wearables


Xiaomi, after having conquered much of Asia’s market since its arrival in the smartphone scene recently, has now made its way up in the continent, now reaching Pakistan.

According to reports, Xiaomi will be making its line of smartphones available in Pakistan through a third-party distribution firm – Daraz.pk, which will be selling the devices online exclusively. Among the many smartphones in Xiaomi’s portfolio, the company have decided to make available, the Mi Max, the Redmi Note 4 and the Redmi 4A. Apart from handsets, the company will also be selling its other products such as the Mi Band 2, in the country.

Establishing itself in the country will be quite the feat for Xiaomi, since Pakistan mostly prefers selling only in brick and mortar stores, as opposed to online sales, according to TechPP. However, there is an increasing number of 3G and 4G connections – showing that there is a considerable change in the market for adopting newer ways of marketing and procurement of purchases. Xiaomi could not have picked a better time to arrive to the market, since its competitors – Huawei and Oppo are struggling with sales. This will not only add more flavour in the market, but also add great depth of comparison for users who wish to switch, in terms of budget, which Xiaomi has been great at adapting to.

After China, India leads in being the biggest, most lucrative market for Xiaomi. Pakistan also seems to be a promising prospect. Thanks to increased expansion across developing countries such as Brazil, Indonesia, India and the United States, Xiaomi has had a great run in the last 7 years. Although the expansion is working abroad, at home, sales are lowering significantly, as the Chinese market, having gone to the 5th spot in terms of positioning.

The Tribune expects the sales of Xiaomi’s offerings to kick-start with a bang as the country is adopting more 3G plans and needs to sturdy 3G and 4G enabled phones. Xiaomi will be playing on their ‘budget with quality’ card to charm customers. Pakistan is becoming a booming smartphone market with over one billion dollars’ worth of smartphones being sold in 2015 alone.

Some might think that Xiaomi arrived late to the party. But with the case of an increasing adoption of online means and connectivity through newly introduced 3G and 4G speeds happening now, it actually seems like everyone was simply too early.


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