Skip the vending machines, Snap’s Spectacles now available online


Spectacles, the first hardware from Snapchat, is finally up for grabs on its online store. The video-recording glasses sell for $129.

It was in September last year that Snapchat rebranded itself as Snap Inc. and announced its ‘smart’ glasses that can record videos with just a tap of the button. The glasses had two circular cameras facing outward and can record videos 10 seconds at a time.

Videos are directly uploaded to the Memories section of the popular image-messaging app via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

The sunglasses come in three colors – black, teal and coral. They are packed in a yellow charging case too. A full charge would last Spectacles an entire day. Users can easily track power by double-tapping the outward-facing light.

Earlier, Snapchat was selling the Spectacles through interactive vending machines, called Snapbots. It was placed outside popular spots for 24 hours after which it would head to a new location. Interested buyers could even track the location of the ‘bots’ using a map on the website.

We are not sure if Snapchat has discontinued the service or if the vending machines could return in the future. For now anyone in the US can purchase Spectacles through a Visa or Mastercard on the e-store.


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