LG G6 latest: Device to feature dual wide-angle 13MP cameras


With the smartphone war just about to begin, the camera they come equipped with will be an important part of the spec race. It will arguably be the most defining factor for appealing to new smartphone buyers.

One of the devices that will steal the spotlight at the upcoming MWC will be LG’s G6. While rumors continue to swirl on the specs, LG has revealed to the press that the G6 will have a wide-angle dual camera with 13-megapixel resolution.

The field of view of the wide angle camera has been reduced to 125 degrees from 135 degrees (found in the predecessor, G5). The front camera will also support a 100-degree wide angle, perfect for those group selfies.

According to Android Central, the camera will be able to shoot square images in a 1:1 ratio, making it easier to share on platforms like Instagram. Users can also create GIFs from photos in camera roll, enjoy a 360-degree panorama mode and set new filters for selfies. The 1:1 shooting mode will be perfect for G6’s 18:9 display.

LG G6 specs

In a blog post, LG confirmed that the G6 will boast dual 13-megapixel cameras. As pointed earlier, the only difference will be the 125-degree wide angle camera on one while the other will be standard lens.

The G6 is rumored to run on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 821 processor, along with 4 GB RAM. There will also be a 32GB expandable storage with 3,200 mAh battery capacity. The phone will have waterproofing as well.

As for the screen, LG G6 will pack a 5.7-inch QHD display with an 18:9 aspect ratio. Last week, LG also revealed the new mobile user interface to feature on its flagship phone. Dubbed UX 6.0, the UI is based on Google Android operating system and is tailored for G6’s “Full Vision” display.

The LG G6 is set to debut in Barcelona on February 26


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