LG G6 rumor roundup: Snapdragon 821 SoC, new UI and Quad DAC


The release date for the LG G6 is not far from release. And rumors surrounding LG’s latest flagship are rife. The device will be unveiled at the company’s February 26 event and the first images that leaked last month showed a totally different beast. As the successor to last year’s modular G5, the new G6 is going to be a real comeback for LG. Here is a round-up of information that will resemble what the G6 will possibly materialize into.

Snapdragon 835 out, 821 in

Unfortunately, Samsung had already made a considerable claim on a majority of Snapdragon 835 chipsets from Qualcomm, not leaving anything for the other manufacturers. The only way the 835 will be released, will be through the Samsung Galaxy S8. The LG G6 will currently only be getting the 821, but LG fans need not worry, because the V30 that will follow up to the G6 is rumored to be coming up with nothing less than the Snapdragon 835.


The display is said to be an edge-to-edge one, and will supposedly come with a brand-new type of display technology from LG. We are expecting to see a 18:9 aspect ratio with a 5.7 QHD FullVision LCD panel. And judging by the way the software is being teased, LG is planning on making the most of the screen’s real estate.

With regard to LG’s teaser to save the date and its message saying ‘See more, Play More,’ it seems like the display is going to be quite long and narrow compared to the general size.

New UI

UX 6.0 layered upon Nougat is being teased and it’s all about the squares, as the company puts it. The South Korean company is claiming that the skin was purposefully made for the G6 and makes multiple combinations of apps possible. The teaser is pretty interesting and by the look of things, the G6 experience might be something we’ve never seen before. LG says it has been “customized” for the device’s 5.7-inch QHD+ FullVision 18:9 wide aspect ratio.


Some photo-evidence suggests what the LG G6 may or may not look like. According to a leak that shows an alleged prototype of the phone, a dual camera set-up is seen at the back of the phone along with a fingerprint sensor. Even the front of the phone looks like it has an edge-to-edge display. The phone will also allegedly be waterproof. It is rumored that the phone will have a fingerprint sensor that is embedded in the screen itself.

Quad DAC is back

The Quad DAC that the V20 was famous for will see a new and improved version in the G6, with improved sound quality. It will promise 0.0002% of distortion levels. For the same, it implements four DACs on a single die for improved performance and offers 50 per cent noise reduction. The music output should be out of this world, making iPhone adopters regret their decisions. LG claims that the new Quad DAC will enable users to effectively control the left and right earphones separately, also letting users adjust the balance of sound.


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