Want an affordable Windows 10 tablet? Chuwi Hi13 to go on sale for $369


While people are busy figuring out the next big flagships to be unveiled at the MWC 2017, Shenzhen-based Chuwi has gone out on a limb and announced its 2-in-1 Windows tablet that is reminiscent of the Windows Surface Book design.

The Chuwi Hi13 is considering itself to be a hybrid tablet that can take on the Surface Book and also offer similar features as the Microsoft offering can, such as a detachable keyboard, 13.5-inch display with a resolution of 3000×2000 as well as support for pen input. It is going to be lesser than half the price of the current Surface Book (which costs $1299+) at just $369. The tablet will be available for purchase on February 20, according to a report by Liliputing.

The internals will probably be traded in for the most basic of necessities. The Hi13 will contain Intel’s latest Atom-based processors that fall under the Intel Apollo Lake line of processors. The new tablet will be regarded as a successor to the Hi12 that launched last year by the company. This time around Chuwi will be focusing and packaging the most offered on a laptop at such a low price-point. Under the hood, users will find 4GB of RAM, 64GB internal storage, a 10,000mAh battery and a 2MP front facing and 5MP rear-facing camera. Chuwi is confident it’s got a Surface Book killer on its hands with the display matching it dot for dot. But does not seem to be true.

The processor powering the Hi13 will be a 2.2GHz processor with integrated graphics as well as expandable storage space up to 128GB. Interestingly, the company’s offering also supports Ubuntu apart from Windows 10, and the device will come with a USB Type-C port, a micro HDMI port, along with two full-sized USB Type-A ports. According to a report by Digital Trends, peripherals like the detachable keyboard and the pen are both sold separately, which probably is the reason why the company’s tablet alone is so cheap, while the Surface Book comes with all those peripherals out of the box.

The affordable Windows 10 tablet has a lot that’s going on for itself. As far as competition goes, it will make good on its promise of delivering quality display resolution and form-factor to the table.


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