Galaxy S8 release date still shrouded in mystery


Samsung wants everyone to mark their calendars. The South Korean giant will be holding a separate event on February 26, where it will showcase a teaser for the much awaited Galaxy S8 smartphone. A day after the event, the company is expected to announce the official release date, according to reports, citing a rumour from Korea.

The company will be launching a new tablet at the MWC 2017 this year, but not the Galaxy S8. Other rumours suggested that there would be an unpacked event at March 29 in New York City for the big unveil. The accuracy of the information may be questionable, but it is currently swirling around the internet.

Of course, the phone will only hit stores a few weeks after the unveiling. Samsung will be taking part in a press meeting at the MWC this year, where it might divulge some information about the launch, but we are expecting them to keep it under wraps for now. There are few who speculate that the phone will be unveiled on February 29. But the company should address that rumour and confirm or deny the dates mentioned above. Thanks to all the buzz regarding the launch date of the Galaxy S8, Samsung is enjoying its time in the limelight of headliners talking about the release.

Samsung will have its work cut out for it if it releases its new flagship during March. Since other companies like LG will be kick-starting the flagship wars this year with the G6. LG will definitely have an upper hand in terms of availability and sales of their new device, which could damage whatever luck the S8 would have. Even Huawei, Sony and other major companies are rumoured to unveil their next big devices this year as well, ahead of the S8, which will probably be arriving to the party quite late.

Samsung is milking every ounce of publicity it can get before the release of its next big flagship and the hype is quite real, considering Samsung will need to reinvent themselves in order to give users a blast (figuratively) when the phone is finally released.


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