Samsung Hello trademarked as AI assistant, should give tough competition to Google Now


Samsung is now directly competing with Google in the AI business. The company recently filed for a trademark for the name “Samsung Hello” with the European Union Intellectual Property Office. It was filed on Wednesday and indicates that the software is meant for personal computers and mobile devices that are designed for aggregating various types of content.

Much like Google Now is to Android, Samsung Hello will feature familiar functionalities like scheduling tasks, setting reminders as well as appointments, along with accessing other information such as phone numbers and details that are collected from the user. This only cements the rumours that Samsung is trying to replace Google apps with its own ecosystem. A report by Phandroid notes that Samsung Hello is not to be confused with Bixby as that is a separate AI interface altogether. Just as Google Now and Google Assistant are associated with each other, in the same way Bixby and Samsung Hello will be associated with each other as well.

While Google Now has already been the main recipient of numerous Android users’ experiences, including those who use Samsung devices, it seems like Samsung wants to acquire at least those individuals with Samsung handsets. Google already has a well-established presence and can integrate a number of apps to seamlessly display information on its Now interface. How Samsung Hello will plan to overtake Google Now in the functionality aspect is yet to be disclosed.

Bixby is already slated to launch on Samsung’s next flagship phone, but with Samsung Hello only now being introduced to the world, it seems like it will be part of a much bigger picture later on. Either way, Samsung Hello, much like Bixby, will perhaps be an add-on feature to bring to Samsung’s smartphones and offer features and integrations that are unique to the handset itself. Certain features unique to Samsung devices such as split-screen app usage first appeared on the earlier iterations of Samsung’s flagships which were then adopted by the now very recent Google Nougat – a feature that has been appreciated widely. So, we can probably assume that Samsung knows what it is up against.

The company has not really commented on any developments just yet, but the trademark alone should give us all an idea of what Samsung is aiming for. As more and more personal digital assistants make their way to users’ hands and take their personal information to customize and integrate their life around with, it’s yet to be seen where Samsung will find its place among major names like Amazon, Google Now, Siri and lots more.

But then again, this trademark does not necessarily mean Samsung has anything in the works coming up anytime soon, but something could materialize in the later future.


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