Lenovo Yoga 720 news: Leaked specs reveal GTX 1050 Graphics and Kaby Lake


Lenovo’s Yoga 720 rumours were in full spin, as it seems that the 710 refresh will receive a host of new exciting components. This will make the choice for choosing between Windows 2-in-1s a lot harder for users. With a release being imminent at MWC coming up this year, here are a few things we can expect from the Yoga 720.


According to reports, the new Yoga will probably be powered by the NVIDIA Pascal based GTX 1050 on the higher variant, that will be a treat to customers since it will allow for some decently heavy gaming and productivity applications. It will come with a sufficient 2GB of VRAM, unlike the XPS, which comes with 4GB. But if the XPS’s success was anything to go by, Lenovo knows exactly what they’re doing.


This time around, Lenovo will be adding up to Intel Core i7-7700HQ quad-core CPU along with 16GB of RAM and up to 512GB of SSD fast storage on the higher variant. Powering all this will be a capable 72 watt-hour battery. The beefier CPU options means that the Lenovo will be no push over for sure, and will easily be a good alternative to the XPS and the MacBook that are currently taking the market by storm.


Two variants will be on offer – a 13-inch screen model with slightly more humble specs such as the Core i5-7200. But both will feature FHD screens, as mentioned in a report by Windows Central.

Colour options

There will be quite a bit of variety on offer here, with colour options available such as Platinum Silver, Iron Gray and Rose Gold, which will only be available for the 13-inch version.


The ergonomics will remain intact as with the previous generations in order to support the various physical modes such as the tablet mode, tent mode and presentation mode. But the bezels on this laptop will be a lot slimmer with the hinges consisting of WiFi antennas. That’s a great update, considering that the bezels on the last model were pretty big, as pointed by as pointed by MS Power User.

Other features

Other features we can expect to see according to the leaked source is Dolby Audio Premium and JBL sound system. It will come with an option for keyboard backlighting as well. There will also be the addition of a fingerprint sensor this time around that will be flanking the trackpad. The leak also mentions that there will two USB 3.0 ports, two USB 3.1 ports as well as a USB Type – C. That’s pretty much all we can ask for in a laptop.

As far as accuracy of the leak goes, we will have to wait until the MWC itself, to see whether they match the reports. If all is true, this means we will probably have a game changer on our hands. Lenovo is doing what they know best – disrupt.


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