ZTE’s first Android smartwatch ‘Quartz’: Five things you need to know


Last year, Chinese handset maker ZTE launched two fitness trackers at the Mobile World Congress. Now, rumors are starting to swirl that it will announce a new smartwatch dubbed Quartz. This could transpire at the upcoming MWC or right after it. While details are still very sketchy, on Tuesday, popular leakster Evan Blass posted a picture of the Android Wear-based wearable, generating more excitement. For those intrigued by the picture, here is a roundup of five key features of the ZTE Quartz.

Modern Design
New manufacturers are entering the wearable market each day. The competition is getting tough, so aside from making a watch that is rich in features, there is also emphasis on a modern design. It appears that ZTE Quartz got that one right, at least according to the published image. The watch itself is fairly big and comes with a metal chassis and interchangeable bands. The design is sporty yet stylish, giving it a much appreciated contemporary look. The one thing that seems missing is a set of extra buttons for app shortcuts, which is the latest trend with smartwatches.

Android Wear 2.0
ZTE Quartz will be based on the new Android Wear 2.0 operating system, whose high point is that it doesn’t require to be connected to a smartphone. That means the new ZTE watch will be able to function as a stand-alone device.

Among other great features, perhaps the most useful one that comes with Android Wear 2.0 is the QWERTY keyboard. It will provide you an alternative to using your voice when replying to messages.

Wi-Fi and Cellular Connectivity
Aside from ensuring the watch functions on its own, Android Wear 2.0 promises a much better connectivity with handsets. With older watches, you had to turn to your smartphone all the time. However, ZTE Quartz will enable easier communication with your smartphone and better interaction with notifications.

Heart Rate Monitor
We don’t know much about the new ZTE Quartz, so we can only guess about its features. However, if ZTE wants to keep up with the competitors’ models, the company will need to use LCD or AMOLED display and implement features like a heart rate monitor. At least from a glance of the leaked image, this does seem right.

Codename Quartz
An interesting thing to note is that ZTE already used the name Quartz for its powerful 5.5-inch Android smartphone. That means that we could even see a change in the official name of the wearable once it hits the shelves. It is just a guess.

The release date and price of ZTE Quartz smartwatch are still unknown. Tech experts speculate ZTE will officially reveal the product on February 27 at the Mobile World Congress 2017 in Spain. As for the release date, the leaked image shows May 31 on watch’s face. Although this is just guessing, there is a good chance that will be the time when ZTE unveils its cool new gadget.


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