After much delay, Apple’s Beats X will release on Feb 10. Is it worth buying?


The much-awaited Beats X wireless earbuds by Apple have been marred by numerous delays since the start of the holidays. Now, there finally is a release date for these earbuds – February 10. Here are four features to look forward to when the earbuds hit retail shelves.

New Color Options
Initially, Apple had announced the new Beats X earbuds in two color options, black and white. Perhaps as an incentive for those who have been waiting for the release, and also to add more appeal, they’re adding two more colors to the line-up – blue and gray for the sportier, more casual look.

Easy Pairing for iPhones
Because Apple wants to add some benefit for existing customers, they’ve added the reliable W1 chip in the unit, which allows for much easier pairing to other Apple devices like iPhones, iPods and iPads running iOS 10. The chip also allows users to be connected to multiple Apple devices at once and choosing which ones they want to connect to at any given time. Of course, the earbuds are also compatible with other devices as well, but this is a sort of a benefit for Apple-only products.

These earbuds will be charged via Lightning and will give users about eight hours of battery life. The charging cable is also a kind of ‘Flex Form’ cable that stays on the wearer’s neck and also sports the Siri button to trigger a command when needed. There are claims that users will get at least two hours of listening on just five minutes of charge.

Cool Ergonomics
Apart from being able to fasten itself onto the listener’s neck, the buds will also be able to snap together magnetically when they are not in use, making them easier to wear and remove. It will also help them snap together when hung around the neck. The earbuds will also come with a carrying box and wing tips for a better, secure fit.

The Beats X wireless earbuds will cost $150 when they’re available. Considering it took Apple a while to get their AirPods stocked and available, the new Beats X will be a welcome alternative purchase for Apple users. One thing to note however, is that although the Beats X are pretty decent earbuds, they are not sweat proof like the Powerbeats line. So if users want to get active, they will have to resort to getting a different pair.


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