PS4’s latest update brings 3D blu-ray and external hard disk support


A new update is headed to the PlayStation 4’s way, making life a lot easier for its users now. The update version 4.50 is currently being rolled out to Beta testers and will give gamers a lot more freedom to use their system.

According to a report by TechCrunch, the new update will allow users to now add an external hard drive to the PS4, since the system will now be able to support up to 8TB of external storage drives. This way, users can boot their favourite games and save their game data without worrying about losing their valuable information ever again. Thanks to the USB 3.0 standard, users shouldn’t have any trouble transferring and running files from their external hard disk to their beloved PlayStation 4s.

The current name for this update is being termed ‘Sasuke’ and the external hard drive compatibility is not the only feature to arrive. Users will now be able to take in game screenshots and set those images as the wallpaper screen for their system’s home-screen. In order to make sure the icons and the logos are still visible, they will be given special effects such as drop shadows and dimming areas so users can still conveniently access their menus. Further to taking those screenshots, users will also be able to edit them using the Sharefactory app in the menu for further customization.

Sony will also be giving the Quick Access menu a makeover and make it more accessible. It is usually accessed by holding down the PS button on the controller. This time around, it is said to cover less of the gameplay and also give players access to more party features. The notification area will also be given a bit of an update, now looking more like a strip of information such as game alerts, downloads and uploads. Users will also be able to post directly into the Activity Feed from there.

Engadget reports that there will be other tweaks made for the update that should benefit the performance of the system like a special ‘Boost Mode’ that will make the console support higher framerates for those games that have not yet been optimized for the PlayStation 4 Pro. Another major feature that the update will bring is the console’s ability to view 3D Blu-rays via PSVR.

The update will start rolling out to beta testers today. There are other undisclosed features as well to be arriving. More details will be revealed once the official update is released in the coming weeks.


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