Take selfies underwater on iPhone 7, 7 Plus with the LenzO case


The iPhone 7 is capable enough to withstand water splashes. But with the LenzO case, users will be able to take their smartphone and dive over 300ft underwater with the touchscreen functionality intact, and take some superior underwater high quality shots.

LenzO is a Kickstarter project and had begun funding last week. Its goal is to reach the $60,000 mark and at the time of writing this, the company has raised over$25,000 already. According to Digital Trends, the case was developed by Valentins Ranetkins – the designer for National Geographic’s first underwater housing and Anthony Lenzo who is a five-time Emmy award winning underwater cinematographer. With both their minds put together, they were able to make a case that is able to seal out water down to 100 meters, which is 328 feet.

The housing is made of solid aluminium with a hard-anodized ceramic coating. This case was not made to ensure that vanity was factor here. Users can look at the screen through a special acrylic panel allowing them to interact with the display of the iPhone and control the camera. The special lens that is housed by the case also comes with two filters – one red and the other magenta, in order to compensate for the lack of blue/green tints in the photos at such depths.

No special app will be needed to control the camera functions of the iPhone through the case, since it comes with two steel swivel actuators that lets the user control the phone and change the camera settings. So, all that will be needed to actually take photos will be the stock iPhone camera app. And so that the case does not slip through the user’s hands, there is a special lanyard attached to the case. There are also a couple of mounts placed on the top and bottom of the case for adding lights or tripods for getting that perfect shot.

It’s Kickstarter page also says it supports the iPhone 7 Plus, with its dual lens camera as well. The case will however, only be compatible with the iPhone 7 models and nothing else. So for those who are really into diving and have an iPhone 7, they will have some reason to buy this case – which is quite expensive too, coming in at a pledge price of $229. If that sounds expensive, the retail price for the case begins at $395.

The key demographic for the case seems pretty slim, but that does not make this case any less of a novel idea.


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