Pre-orders available for Tekken 7 on Xbox One, will come with playable copy of Tekken 6


The highly-awaited sequel to the Tekken franchise – Tekken 7 is now available for pre-order and pre-download. Xbox’s Major Nelson just announced that it is currently accessible through Xbox One. Although the game can be pre-downloaded, it does not mean that it will be playable just yet. Players will only get to access the complete game on its release date – June 2, 2017.

Luckily, the pre-order bundle will come with a copy of the Tekken 6 game that players will get to indulge in before they start playing Tekken 7. While the game will be scheduled to release later on in the year, players will be given this deal so that they can play the last Tekken game on the next generation consoles and even on PC. Ubergizmo reports that later on, there will be a Deluxe version of the bundle that will feature a season pass for players in order to unlock upcoming DLCs that will extend the Tekken universe within the game. No information regarding the DLCs has been provided, but for fans, it will be worth the extra cash.

Perhaps the opportunity of playing two games for the price of one will be why most users would want to pre-order the game in advance, months before the official launch, but it could also refresh the progression of the series in the players’ minds so they can build on the hype for when the new game finally releases. The most interesting feature about Tekken 7 is that it is the first game in the series to be made from the Unreal Engine 4. That means we will get to enjoy high quality textures and some great shading throughout the game – the most realistic experience that the Tekken series has offered us yet.

The pre-order bundles are only available for the Xbox One console right now. No word on when the other platforms will get the same. Tekken 7 is supposed to be the game which resurrects the competition and enmity between the Mishima clan and we also get to see the appearance of Akuma from the Street Fighter series disrupt the forces that be. It definitely will be worth watching the crossover that these two franchises will offer to this game and hopefully, we might even see new Street Fighter characters make their way into the Tekken universe in upcoming DLCs. Who wouldn’t want to see a fight between Ryu and Jin?


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