Avenza Maps is a great alternative for when you are lost and without network


Avenza Maps sets out to become one of the prime contenders for the existing mapping applications like Google, Here and Apple’s offerings. Avenza’s unique selling point, which it is trying to convince users to adopt, is that it is capable of allowing users to access the maps offline, even when there is no data connection available.

The mapping application offers detailed, high-quality maps based on the location that the user is searching for, complete with features such as showing the exact location of the user, thanks to the smartphone’s in-built GPS. The map will also provide real time movement tracking, drop wayward points and also enables the user to get a latitudinal and longitudinal position. The user can also make notes and keep custom names for their locations or routes.

Downloading Avenza Maps gives users the ability to access the Avenza Map Store, which consists of half a million maps for download and use offline. According to a report by Digital Trends, these maps have been sourced from major cartographers and organizations like National Geographic, the Department of Agriculture, Hema Maps and a lot of others, so they know pretty much how accurate and precise these maps need to be. Users will also be able to add photos and videos to their routes for reference purposes.

Most of the maps for access in the store will be available for 99 cents and the app will be fully functional, providing all the features as promised, even without an internet connection. Usually, it would be difficult to roam around a city without knowing the live routes to destinations and such, especially if the user is a tourist.

Although Avenza does not come with turn by turn navigation, it does provide for a compelling alternative, should the prime options fail. Google Maps is the most well-rounded of all navigation apps out there today, and also provides offline maps for those who need it, for free. But it won’t be as detailed as Avenza’s perhaps. Nevertheless, Avenza should only be considered as an optional backup, more than a regular usage app.


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