A partnership between Google Assistant and Bixby on the cards for Samsung


Samsung, on its quest to bring out its latest digital assistant Bixby, has been rumoured to have a tie-up with Google for better integration across multiple platforms, according a statement released to The Investor.

Lee Kyeong-Tae, who is the corporate strategy planning Vice President at Samsung, said that in order to grow and develop new AI technology for the upcoming markets, Samsung and Google will be maintaining their strategic partnership. That was Samsung’s statement, but we are not sure what Google’s take on this partnership is yet.

Samsung seems to have different plans in mind for their Bixby AI. Although it’s as simple as Google’s own Voice Assistant that was also offered side by side with the S-Voice in previous Samsung phones, the company is planning some deep integration of Bixby this time around on apps and other phone settings and their partnership with Google suggests that they might need the tech giant’s help with having the software co-operate, especially across Android and their other smart home software.

According to Android Headlines, Samsung is planning to focus on pushing AI-centric products to the market in their recent earnings call on Tuesday. This means their upcoming TVs and tablets will also come with Bixby, at least in the near future. After that, the company also announced that it will be making its AI available for third-party use as well. But we’ll only know the true essence and potential of the Bixby AI once we see it in action on the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Samsung seems to be on the right track, since it already has the genius of Viv, which it acquired not too long ago. Having the team that developed an AI capable of learning and writing code, it seems with a partnership that, if successful with Google, could prove highly successful for Samsung themselves.

Samsung is covering all of its bases on the AI front. And we are sure that its first demonstration will be like nothing we’ve seen before.


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