Report: Apple’s next iPhone could come with an enhanced Siri


Apple is currently working on ramping up their next generation of iPhones with a more enhanced Siri AI that will be offered to users. Since the market now is obsessed with new trends, Apple is also setting its sights to dominate that segment, or at least trying to, along with other makers like Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi.

According to MacRumours, we should probably expect enhanced voice recognition capabilities as well as contextual understanding of requests in Siri. They don’t seem like big updates, but could be part of the bigger picture as the newer models materialize. Last year Apple specially acquired AI startup Turi. There won’t be any guesses as to where they’ll be applying their newest acquisition’s functions.

We might be able to witness this new and enhanced Siri in 2017’s iPhone release, which most probably will be an ‘S’ variant. Since iPhone’s 10th anniversary is this year, they’ll probably want to make some big upgrades with the device. Siri does have its work cut out for itself. It’s got the likes of Google, Samsung, Amazon and Huawei, among others to contend with on the AI front. Each of them have promised multiple releases this year and Siri is right now the only one that seems to be left behind in the race.

Google Assistant has gained a lot of fans thanks to its debut on the Pixel, with MKBHD even claiming that it is much better than iPhone’s counterpart right now in the market. According to BGR, while Google Assistant will be used in a lot of other devices, Alexa is also going to be powering the new LG and Huawei flagships. Since Siri probably won’t be able to be as accessible as the rest and will be only Apple exclusive, it will be interesting to see how the company will compete with the rest of the brands who are already gaining way ahead of the tech giant right now.

It’s official – 2017 is going to be the year of the personal digital assistant. We can’t wait to see what Apple will bring to the table, especially talking about integration across its multiple devices, from MacBooks to iPhones to Apple TV to everything else.


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