Rumor: Apple very likely to release 3 iPhones this year; One with curved OLED display


There is some convincing reason to believe that Apple will be releasing three variants of their iPhone this year, according to some reliable sources that have leaked this information.

Although the launch of the next iPhone is about eight to nine months away, that hasn’t stopped people buzzing away their speculations and supposed ‘leaks’ about what we can expect from Apple’s latest flagship.

According to Forbes, a very noted analyst by name of Timothy Arcuri who is a part of Cowen and Company – an analyst group, claims that his sources have confirmed that Apple will in fact be releasing three iPhones this year. Of the three, the largest of them is suspected to have a 5.8-inches big screen with a curved OLED panel with no home button. Considering Apple has so far not gone the OLED route till now and that their signature Retina displays have always been the company’s trademark, it might seem a little off.

But last time around, leakers said that iPhone would do away with the traditional design and headphone jack too. And we all know how that turned out. Arcuri says that two of the iPhones will be simple upgrades of the iPhone 7, carrying the S badge. We’re suspecting S suffixes to the 7 and 7 Plus counterparts. As tradition has always indicated, iPhone has maintained that it wouldn’t release such dramatically different iPhones in succession, with the S variants always being released the year after the new number is released.

The iPhone 7s already costed a bomb by themselves. With the 7S and 7S Plus variants, not only will the price increase, but with the third iteration of whatever Apple might be planning to release, that particular model would end up being the most expensive iPhone the world would ever see. There is still time for the new iPhone to release, but until that happens at the actual date, people will still round up rumours about the phone. The possibility of an OLED screen is very high apparently, and people who are talking about it say that buyers would rather buy the latest and greatest than just a mildly upgraded version of the existing ones.

Does make sense. But what if Apple thinks about removing the charging port or something else? Now that would be the plot twist of the year.


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