Microsoft: Windows 7 is no longer safe for businesses; upgrade to Windows 10


Windows users will be surprised to learn that their copy of Windows 7 for business will no longer be supported by Microsoft, according to a report from The Next Web.

Microsoft claims that its business version of Windows will no longer be fit enough to be used for their operating functionalities because of Malware attacks that would be able to penetrate the software easily. This move is a little premature, since Windows 7 got extended support cover from 2015 and had two more years of that support left.

Microsoft is getting impatient at getting its Windows 10 OS across to all computers. Apparently, the Enterprise editions of the Windows 7 copies are outdated, owing to serious security risks and making those computers succumb to some serious malware attacks. These are security measures that are only supported by the Windows 10 ecosystem.

The company has given businesses time until January 13, 2020 to upgrade their enterprise versions to Windows 10. That date is when Microsoft will officially stop seeding security patches to Windows 7 OS computers. Microsoft also claims that keeping Windows 7 as is, will only drive up the operating costs. This is why the company has already started three years ahead to forewarn businesses and make the change. Microsoft Germany claims that over 50 percent of businesses in Germany have suffered from cyber-attacks.

Businesses can benefit from the recent additions of security features offered in Windows 10 such as Hello, Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection, as well as Windows Information Protection. Unfortunately, OS transitions for companies can be a little nerve wrecking as users will have to get used to a new way of using the software entirely. Transferring of information can pose a threat to businesses through security breaches that may happen.

Right now, 48 percent of the market share of OS is currently occupied by Windows 7. This could easily be a marketing gimmick, but companies will have to make a decision soon, because malware is getting a lot smarter these days, and hackers are always one step ahead of the curve. Better safe than sorry.


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