LG’s upcoming G6 wont overheat like the Note 7


Samsung’s flagship Galaxy Note 7 was pulled from shelves and later discontinued after complaints about overheating batteries. Now, LG is allaying any such fears for its upcoming device which will be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress next month.

According to a report coming from Korea, LG is adopting a new technology and conducting stringent tests to ensure its much-awaited G6 doesnt turn out to be another Note 7 repeat.

LG will reportedly be using “heat pipes” made of copper so battery will not overheat even at temperatures as high as 150 degrees.

“We are conducting battery heat exposure tests to a temperature 15 percent higher than the temperature set by the international standards of the US and Europe,” a LG official was quoted saying by Korea Herald.

The official further said the battery will undergo diverse tests including drops and being exposed to high voltages.

Samsung had to recall all of its Galaxy Note 7 units from the market because of unexplained explosions while on charge. More than 2.5 million units of the Note 7 were recalled just two months after its launch in August.

With just weeks left for the Mobile World Congress, smartphone makers are leaving no stone unturned to ensure their handsets are ahead of their competitors.

LG will be launching the G6 during the MWC with a 5.7 inch Ultra HD screen. LG’s new display is 1 millimetre thick with 0.2 millimetre thick bezel and 0.54 millimetre thickness on the bottom. The display is also expected to have a touch sensor embedded inside the screen. No other details are available on the hardware as yet.


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