Adobe is working on a Siri-like assistant for photo editing


After having showed off some impressive new things at its very own event last year, this time around at CES 2017, Adobe wowed everyone again. This time, with its very own AI assistant – one, that can do things that even Google Now and Alexa can’t.

The research team over at Adobe showed off their AI’s prowess in a video during a demonstration of its Lightroom Mobile app. The Voice Assistant is integrated into the app and works similarly to Siri and Alexa, through voice commands, but for photo editing, according to a recent report by Digital Trends.

Rather than using fingertips, the user can interact with the app and the assistant will await instructions to alter the images. In the demonstration, it’s shown that a man who is controlling the assistant is capable of initiating simple commands like cropping, as well as image flipping. The user can also instruct the AI to post the image on Facebook.

Adobe isn’t kidding around with regard to its AI learning. Since the man in the 30-second clip is seen using simple language, the Assistant understands it accurately enough, showing exactly how advanced the AI is. According to the Daily Mail, Adobe is just experimenting with the concept of how an AI would behave in the environment for Photo editing. More importantly how a programmed assistant can take on work that contributes to the creative workflow. It’s interesting to see the kind of role that AI will play.

The assistant can be activated by tapping on a microphone at the top of the screen, just like the regular garden variety of assistants can be activated. Although it’s just a concept for now, it does seem like Adobe is setting its sights on a more hands-free future for its line-up of software. We can expect to see future versions of their software to feature this functionality and also have it improved with updates.


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