Snapchat revamps design with one universal search


Snapchat has made it easy for Android and iOS users to conveniently search friends, discover publishers and much more. The launch of the “universal search bar” was made official on Thursday.

There was much bad press earlier on Snapchat not streamlining its search which the 150mn plus users often found confusing. The latest effort puts the search bar on top of the app so everything can be easily searched and located.

There won’t be a search bar for separate functions like before. From now users will have one search with a drop down allowing to easily navigate to quick chat, groups and adding or searching of friends.

“The search bar itself will allow you to find accounts, daily editions of Discover media channels, and specific Our Stories,” according to Digital Trends.

That is not all, the Our Story feature will now allow users to submit snaps from any place at any time. The app will then curate the content based on submission trends.

The latest makeover comes in the background of the company’s upcoming IPO. By making its app easier to use and more accessible, Snapchat is also looking for more revenue opportunities. The universal search could offer brands just that.

Latest Snapchat updates will be available to a limited number of Android users. Soon it will be made official for all Snapchat users.


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