Apple reportedly planning original TV shows and films


Joining the likes of Netflix and Amazon for being one of the top contenders of online video content, Apple is trying to establish its very own video subscription service.

The news first came public through a Wall Street Journal report that said the tech giant was planning original video content along with its Apple Music Subscription service. The inclusion will reportedly happen by the end of 2017.

Apple is currently in talks with ‘veteran producers’ for creating original TV shows and movies for the platform. Exactly who these producers are hasn’t been known yet and Apple spokespersons are shying away from letting out any details. The TV shows will probably be a sure bet, while the movies will probably be ‘preliminary’ as is being said in reports.

In 2016, Apple had bought the Carpool Karaoke TV series, popularly hosted by talk show host James Corden way back in July. It’s a sign of Apple widening its sights on a more video-focused platform for the future, and this was a great way to start. We aren’t sure whether they have made any more acquisitions apart from that or whether there are any other shows in the pipeline to be absorbed in the Apple universe. Netflix and Amazon are known to do the same, with popular shows that once had Television presence now being shifted to the online medium.

According to TechSpot, Apple is open to sharing ratings and demographic information with studios to content creators, maybe as a goodwill or to sweeten the deal for producers to sign on faster. Currently, Apple Music features some documentaries for music fans like the one on Dr Dre’s life, as well as one on the TR-808 drum machine.

The ultimate goal is to be the at the top. And currently, that position is being held by Spotify, which has the largest music subscriber base currently. Apple is making moves to dethrone Spotify and if they play their cards right, Apple’s video/music platform might be the next big thing we’ve seen in recent years.


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