Sony’s flagship Xperia lineup could feature OLED displays in 2018


Sony’s flagship Xperia smartphone will feature OLED display instead of the standard LCD panels next year. It would be the same technology found in the recently launched OLED television.

A report from Nikkan suggests that Sony will launch a premium Xperia smartphone with OLED display in 2018. However, it could only feature on the specific flagship and not the whole range of devices.

The OLED displays could be similar to those used by Sony in its recently announced A1 series TVs. Till date, Sony has used LCD displays for all its smartphones. With the gadget space constantly evolving, several smartphone makers are considering OLED displays, though the production process is more expensive

OLED displays vastly improve image quality (with deep blacks and bright whites), reduce power consumption and offer fast response times. It also open up new possibilities for electronics design.

Meanwhile, Sony is planning to unveil at least two new smartphones in February at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017. Sources speculate one of the devices to be the Xperia XZ (2017), and another one to be new Xperia X.

The Xperia X has managed to generate a fair degree of buzz with new leaks on the design. Leaked images of the upcoming Android phone show thinner side bezels with smaller upper and lower bezels. No details on the specs and hardware was made available as yet. But with just a month left for the MWC, you can look forward to being surprised.


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