Xiaomi Mi 6: Expected arrival in February, with two variants and Snapdragon 835 SoC


Snapdragon’s latest flagship processor – the 835 will probably be on the first ever flagship of the year – in Xiaomi’s Mi 6.

AndroidHeadlines has got the scoop that the much talked about smartphone will come with the 835 and will come in two variants. Set to be released in a couple of weeks, the Mi 6 will come as one option with a flat screen, and another with a curved screen. The 835 64-bit Octa-core processor will be beating inside these two variants. The SoC was only just released and talked about during the CES 2017. It comes as no surprise that manufacturers will want to grab their chance to make the best of the opportunity.

There are also rumours that one of the variants of the Mi 6 will come with dual cameras at the back. The variant consisting of the curved display seem most likely to get that upgrade, but it’s yet to be confirmed. In a report by Ubergizmo, it was revealed the flat screened variant will come with just 4GB of RAM while the curved edge display variant will come with 6GB of RAM. The company has taken the Samsung route, like a lot of other manufacturers now, to go ahead and introduce a curved variant of their flagship.

The trial production units are about to begin this month and will probably release next month during the MWC 2017. Recent reports have indicated that the phone will come with a 4000mAh battery and feature Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 4.0. At this point, it’s a given that the phones will come with Nougat pre-installed atop the latest MIUI skin. There might be a physical home button that will double as a fingerprint scanner too, but all of that is still under speculation.

If Xiaomi plays its cards right, it might jump the gun on the LG G6 and get ahead of the crowd. The Snapdragon 835 reportedly is set to feature on almost all the year’s flagships. It’ll have four cores running at 2.45 GHz and four power-efficiency cores running at 1.8 GHz. It’ll come with the Adreno 540 for 20% improved graphics over the last generation. The SoC also promises better VR performance and 4K experience, so we can expect a lot of phones released, to be dedicated to those applications.


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