Sony PS4 Slim to launch in Glacier White variant this month


Stormtroopers unite! Sony has just announced a brand new colour variant of the PS4 Slim – Glacier White, coming to stores on January 24. After having been faced with just black as the only standard color for Playstation 4, it’s good to see that there’s now a new option.

This will only apply to the Playstation 4 Slim however, and not the PS4 Pro. The console will come with 500GB of hard drive storage space. Japan will get a 500GB and a 1TB variant to boot. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same for the rest of the world for that extra storage. The console’s white ice finish makes it look a lot more prominent. Even the DualShock Controller which comes bundled with the console will come in the same colour. Hopefully, Sony will be making Glacier White controllers as well and make them available in stores worldwide.

According to Polygon, the console will be available worldwide on January 24 and in Japan on January 23. The Slim has had a good run so far since the release of the PS4 Pro as it’s made the initial offering of the PS4 more reachable to the masses without needing to compromise on the quality or the specs. PlayStation has always been the longest running and the most successful console in the world over the years and because Sony has decided to give its existing, albeit now a little dated hardware a new coat of paint, says a lot about the company’s hopes for continuing the line of the console and boosting its life cycle. This is already the third iteration of the PS4. It’s safe to say that the sales of the console will be further boosted because who doesn’t like white?

There’s still much left for the PS4 to prove now and more than ever, owing to the rise of Project Scorpion from Microsoft as well as the new Nintendo Switch just around the corner. Sony seems un-phased by the competition right now and it’s a good thing since we all know who’s the current King of the console wars. Sony knows it too.


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