Samsung surprises everyone introducing their own line-up of gaming laptops


Samsung announced its very own line of gaming laptops – the Odyssey range here at CES 2017 in Las Vegas, finally giving everyone the reason to believe that Samsung is serious about hardcore gaming.

Apart from Lenovo, now Samsung has decided to make it difficult for gamers to choose their next gaming systems, adding to the already overwhelming selection of brands that are known to make powerhouses of gaming PCs. But how does the Odyssey range compare?

Hardware and Specs

For starters, the range will come in 17.3” and 15.6” screen sizes and will come with the Kaby Lake i7 processor that everyone’s going crazy about – a 45W chip which means more hardcore power, likely to be i7-7700HQ. The smaller laptop will be getting a memory capacity of up to 32GB of RAM with the GTX 1050 GPU. It’s a little underwhelming, but considering that gamers who like entry-level 1080p content, they’ll be happy with this offering. The larger 17-inch model will feature up to 64GB of RAM, and no disclosure yet on the GPU card, but we really hope that they’re pinning on a 1070 or 1080 graphics card in there. Both of these models will feature FHD screens however, with anti-glare tech. The screens also are capable of HDR quality picture.

As far as storage in these models is concerned, both offer 256GB/512GB PCIe SSDs with 1TB setups, but the smaller of the laptops only offers dual drive set ups (one SSD and one HDD), while the larger of the two offers a triple drive set up (two SSDs and one HDD).

The laptops will come with keyboard backlighting, as all gaming laptops do. The bigger one however, will give users the feature of per-key lighting. Also, a notable difference in the two models’ keys is that the 15-incher will get crater-type keys while the 17-incher will get volcano type keys. How much of a difference that makes in usage isn’t really mentioned. The larger laptop will come with Thunderbolt 3 USB Type-C while it’s absent on the smaller one.

Samsung has had a good run with gadgets in other segments of the tech industry. The company is showing its competition that it can get pretty serious when the demand is rising and surely enough, these two models will be a good start if only we could try to ignore the blaring off-set design element done around the mousepad of the notebooks.

There also seems to a sort of design continuity that’s being carried out throughout the system, from the vents underneath called the HexaFlow vent, towards the side profiles and it appears like Samsung is trying to develop their own ‘look’ that probably might last, so long as people do not bash it.


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