Sony’s wireless earbuds soon coming, prototype revealed at CES


Among the many new entrants in the wireless earbuds segment, a new player – Sony, seems to be making its entrance with their own take on wireless earbuds, first popularised by Apple’s wireless AirPods.

Today, Sony had unveiled a plethora of wireless speakers and headphones at CES 2017 but among the prototypes that caught everyone’s eyes were wireless ear pods. These tiny ear buds were on display along with some other neck-based wearable speakers along with colour options for each of the prototypes present.

It’s safe to say that these are just concepts now for a later time of release and just to give the public a general idea of what the company is going for in the audio segment. The buds will come with their own charging cases, like most other companies pack theirs with, and also will be quite small and unassuming for wearers. There’s no word on release or price right now, but we’ll probably be able to expect Sony to out one of its wearables sometime around later this year.

As more and more companies are now realizing that wireless earbuds are a way to go, the tech isn’t fully finalized for all devices yet, so if Sony is planning to release their own brand of wireless wearables, they better do it fast, while the competition is still… less competitive.

We’re pretty sure that it’ll take its cues from the Xperia Ear wearable that Sony released last month, but since it didn’t really fare well with regard to response, the company will probably take its learnings and make a finished product that hopefully doesn’t see the same fate in sales.

The prototypes on display however, weren’t even working models so as far as sound output, materials and mesh quality are concerned, there won’t be any news on that front. All we know for now is that Sony is seriously taking wireless earphone seriously. Even the neck-anchoring earpiece looks promising but we’ll just have to wait until any further announcements are being made.

Even Samsung is taking a similar route this year to popularize the new wireless bud type of technology so it’ll be interesting to see how these different companies will compare once they are out.


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