D-Link announces three home security cameras at the ongoing CES


D-Link is bringing it down pretty heavily at CES this year. It’s already announced a new Wi-Fi router and some range extenders, but now it’s also introducing the world to its plethora of security cameras – three, to be exact.

According to a PCWorld report, two of these cameras are meant for indoor usage while the third one is for outdoor use that was earlier shown off at the IFA trade show last September in Berlin. D-Link wants to take over the networking and security solutions of the home department and it makes sense, since everything that’s interconnected, will work reliably well, considering it is D-Link’s own components. We won’t be surprised if they seriously consider making the move to Smart Home devices soon after. What do these cameras bring their A-game or will they fall short compared to the rest of the more cheaper variants available right now?


This is a simple 720p indoor camera capable of delivering a 120-degree field of view, consists of two-way audio, as well as an onboard microSD slot which eliminates cloud-storage subscription fees for users. D-Link will also offer its own cloud-storage options so users can make the switch easily.

It’ll sell for less than $70 when it’s available in the second quarter of 2017.


This indoor camera will have a much wider field of view at 180 degrees. It’ll also consist of Bluetooth for easier network connectivity and allow for the camera to be accessed via their smartphone’s Bluetooth so they don’t need to worry about remembering the password.

This one will be a bit steep at $120 when it releases the same time as it’s sibling.


This outdoor model is pretty much the same as the one we saw in September last and has a cool 180-degree field of view. It also supports two way audio like the others, has sound and motion detection and 720p resolution. The night vision on this device extends 25 feet which is more impressive than the 16 feet range which the indoor models offer.

This will be the priciest option of the three, at $250 and will be shipping in the second quarter of 2017 as well.


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