Windows 10 is getting a ‘Green Screen of Death’, here’s why


Microsoft had a way to break news to users when their devices didn’t work. The Xbox 360 had ‘The Red Ring of Death’ and Windows systems are known for their blue screen of death. The latter has just received a makeover.

According to information by MSPowerUser, a pretty big leak surfaced online regarding the next Windows 10 build over the weekend. This particular build will provide some noticeably different features to the Windows 10 experience and since it had been out, numerous people were writing about it. But the biggest change that they all missed out on was the update given to the Blue Screen of Death. This time around, it’s going to be Green.

Yup, Windows have, for some reason though it would be better to add Green than blue this time around whenever users are faced with the fatal error. According to, the colour change of the BSOD was a result of how Windows detects errors on trial versions of the software are undergoing testing versus the official release. This way, they’ll know exactly whether the error is genuine or if it’s come from different releases.

It helps that Windows 10 provides a QR code for users to track the error and that the same is sent to Microsoft at once. But the fact that the Blue Screen of Death changes colour when it’s in testing builds means that Windows has probably been doing this for many years. We’ve only just figured it out now.

It had been confirmed by an employee in Microsoft – Matthijs Hoekstra, who said that the change will only be visible those users who are testing out the latest Windows 10 preview builds. But why the company chose green for being the primary colour isn’t really clear. It doesn’t really matter though, but the fact that now we know why it is the case is important.

The feature was first uncovered on Twitter when a user posted a screenshot of the GSOD and the news just spread like wildfire. It’s these little changes and tweaks that companies make to their products that spark much interest and curiosity among users.


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