Latest rumors on upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8


Rumours about the Galaxy S8 abound and the internet just can’t help itself from its ambitious prophecies regarding what the next Samsung flagship will come equipped with. Here’s a round-up of what everyone’s expecting to see on the S8.


Galaxy phones have always taken the extra mile and made at least one of their features a tad more extravagant. According to Ubergizmo, a report straight out of China claims that the S8 will come fitted with about 8GB of RAM and will be made by Samsung’s 10nm process. This could then potentially be the world’s first smartphone with an 8GB RAM. But other rumours suggest that it’ll likely come with a 6GB RAM configuration.


The Galaxy S8 will probably come in a standard variant as well as a ‘Plus’ variant, if a report by the folks over at Know Your Mobile are to be believed. They have also mentioned that the S8 might feature Samsung’s popular foldable display technology we’ve seen in earlier concept ads of theirs a couple years back. Another report said that there won’t be any flat display models at all. And that the resolution between the variants will be 2K to 4K. This could be true, since Samsung does want to make its S line-up spark a revolution in curved displays, as the company thinks that flat screens are a thing of the past.

Another report has also noted that the displays could feature Y-OCTA Display Technology, which enables touch sensors within the screen itself, making the display thinner and more responsive and also cut costs for manufacturing.


Latest reports claim that the Samsung Galaxy S8 could feature Bluetooth 5.0, which is the most recent iteration of the technology and will enable the sharing of files at a speed of 2Mbps along with four times the range of the current generation.


There is also word that we can expect the speaker system to be made by Harman as Samsung had bought Harman for $8 billion. So we should be expecting some of the sound quality on the flagship spec phone that the company will be introducing. So Harman stereo speakers on the S8 could be a reality.


From the rear module being a dual-camera set-up to the front facing camera featuring auto-focus, we’ve heard it all. But reports from PhoneArena suggest that the latter of the features will actually make it to the final version and that the dual-camera set-up has been abandoned for now. As of now, an 8MP front facing camera is said to make an appearance and we should be prepared to expect a very special 12/13MP camera on the rear. Hopefully, the company should take the Note 7’s cue because its camera module produced some of the best pictures of the current generation of flagships.

Specs & AI

The Snapdragon 835 is said to power the new S8, and other variants might feature the next generation of Exynos processors as well, which are made by Samsung. The Exynos 8895 chip is expected to feature a Bifrost architecture which can support 4K as well as VR content. We should also expect Viv to feature on the S8 and take on the likes of Siri and Google Assistant. As far as storage options are concerned, users might get a 128GB/256GB variant as well, but whether they will be expandable or not is yet to be seen. The phone might also come with the USB Type-C as a standard port.


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