LG G6: Launch sooner than Galaxy S8, here is what to expect


While everyone has been lamenting about 2016 and how bad it’s been for phone manufacturers like Samsung, LG is making hay while the sun shines and taking the opportunity to prepone the release of its next flagship, the G6, according to a report from South Korea.

According to the report, LG will make an announcement of the new G6 in February. Sales of the handset are expected to start either later that month, or sometime the next month, but definitely before the new S8 is launched. LG might probably unveil the G6 at the next Mobile World Congress which also happens to be around February. This will allow Korean manufacturer to get way ahead of its main competition – Samsung, who have been trying their best to scurry around and make a safe launch for the S8 that’s expected to arrive sometime in April.

LG’s G6 will probably drive smartphone sales up until the S8 arrives, but we’re sure taking the lead at the beginning of the year will make a bigger impact on the handset’s popularity compared to its competitors. We just need to hope that the G6 turns out to be a promising proposal from the tech giant. LG will be starting out the year launching three other mid-range smartphones – four of them will be part of the K series as well as the introduction to the new Stylus 3. LG has had a good rapport with the G5, which just recently got the Nougat update, so we’re expecting the same sense of performance and updates on the next generation as well.

Now one interesting feature to note about the G6 launch is that LG is revealed that it will rid itself of the modular approach which it took on last year with the G5. But it’ll return with two newer features this time around. Water resistance and wireless charging will be the prime suspects to be added to the feature list, and having a single body without any detachable modules will make it easy to provide these features. We also hope they include the Quad DAC chip which it brought us inside the V20. That changed the game entirely for portable entertainment and every critic out there was in praise of it.

The ball is in your court, LG. Don’t mess this up.


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