Inspect makes collaborations easy by exporting your .PSD properties


Designing isn’t a very easy process. First comes the creative part, and then the handover. Perhaps the most difficult part is the latter, where people need to export images, font files and whatnot to the next phase of development for the client, and there’s no simpler way of doing than with Invision’s new plug-in, Inspect.

What this tool does is, it inspects the entire Photoshop file to gather data like colours chosen, font types, measurement and a lot more other features of the file to make it easier for collaboration with other designers. Ideally, this should help in the realm of web development and large designing projects as well as app development, where design takes a much more flexible form over the period of the developmental process.

Basically, inspect takes all that data and makes a shareable link out of it that can be shared to collaborators. Developers can take what they want from the link like the specifics of the design as well as copy and paste the information as a Cascaded Style Sheet.

All this happens through a simple syncing process with the plug-in that automatically updates itself as changes are being made to the file. It’s a nifty little tool that will prove invaluable to designing teams and will make the developmental process a lot faster. Else we’d have to use notes and keep a manual track of the changes and also keep the files saved separately and update them when changes are made – things that otherwise take too much time.

“The biggest goal for Inspect is to be the single source of truth for the design and collaboration on a project, allowing the entire team to forget about logins and tools and focus on collaboration. We support the team’s workflow from concept to code,” said Ryan Scheurmann who’s an engineering manager for Inspect.

The best part about this tool is that it’s completely free of charge, making it a real Godsend for both small businesses and large ones. It also be great for freelancers working remotely as well. For now, it’s only available only for Photoshop and has received some rave reviews, having been adopted by a ton of companies already. Hopefully, the team behind Inspect, should be able to create a plug-in for Adobe’s other popular software as well.


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