LG Gram notebooks getting Intel’s 7th generation chips?


The CES is coming up in less than a month and the leaks have already come in, with one for LG’s update on its Gram family of laptops. According to one leak, the entire line-up is supposed to be refreshed with the addition of Intel’s new 7th generation of chips.

Apart from that, they’ll be getting bigger batteries, Thunderbolt 3 as well as fingerprint sensors. The people behind the leak, German-based company WinFuture, had posted images of the laptops along with some specs. The laptops are supposed to come in three different variants when 2017 hits – the 13Z970 with a 13-inch display, the 14Z970 with a 14-inch display, and the 15Z970 with a 15.6-inch display. Each unit will be packed with a 1080p screen, some will also have the additional convenience of a touchscreen attached, which is a first for its Gram series of notebooks so far.

The Kaby Lake processors that are expected to be seen in the laptops are the i5-7200U and the i7-7500U processors. The i5 variant will come with a base clock speed of 2.5GHz and a boost clock speed of 3.1GHz, while the i7 variant will come with a base speed of 2.7GHz and 3.5GHz when boosted. They’ll also feature Intel’s on-board graphics – the HD Graphics 620.

All of these models will include 8GB of system memory, as well as 512GB of storage via SSD. They’ll also come with Thunderbolt 3, BT 4.0, with ports for HDMI and Gigabit internet. The batteries are supposed to get an upgrade too, with LG swapping its older batteries with more beefier ones with the bigger laptops featuring a 60-watt hour model. This one will probably be in the models that will come with the touchscreens since they’ll require more power.

The highly-detailed leak also mentions that the fingerprint reader will be built into the upper left corner of the trackpad. As of now, we should be taking these specs with a grain of salt because they may or may not be the final specs. It could change until the event arrives in the first week of Jan. But LG’s systems do show some promising hardware that we’re hoping will perform well for the ever-so-power-hungry consumer of today. They’re not the first name to be brought up when people consider looking for a laptop, so they’ll have quite a bit of competition to break through if they want to get noticed.


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