Here are the top 5 bluetooth headsets of the year


Getting the perfect Bluetooth headset is pretty important. Call quality, wireless connectivity and battery life either makes or breaks the deal. Here are five compelling cases for Bluetooth that should be considered as the best that 2016 could offer.

1) Jabra Motion – $100
This one’s a typical business Bluetooth headset. It’s also foldable and comes with NFC pairing. It’s a looker too, with the microphone reaching all the way down the jaw so voice is directly taken into account. Why it’s also called the Motion is because it’s got an accelerometer to detect when the device is picked up for answering calls. It can facilitate multiple profiles for different situations and can stay on for up to seven hours!

For users looking to splurge a little more, the Jabra SUPREME UC MS Headset is alternative at $150. It’s got some extra features like voice commands, voice notes and other such stuff.

2) Plantronics Voyager 5200 – $60
Unlike the previous headset mentioned, the microphone on the Voyager isn’t as pronounced and offers good noise cancellation for the ear and can also withstand some wetness in case it’s raining. For those who head out a lot, this is the one they need to look out for. It’ll last for up to 6-7 hours depend on usage. It also comes in two options of charging cases. For the price, it’s a steal!

Another alternative would be the Plantronics Voyager Legend which is known for its excellent audio quality and way too comfortable to wear design. It’ll set users back $64.

3) Sol Republic Tracks Air Wireless Headphones – $90
For some pretty good comfort, especially if users use it more for listening than making calls, the Sol Track Air is the best value for money. It can be used as a wired headphone as well, with the detachable cord. The headphones themselves provide for great bass and excellent listening as well as some amazing voice quality thanks to the built-in microphone for clarity. It’s got 15 hours of battery life which is more than enough for a full work day!

4) Jawbone Era – $65
For making a style statement, no other Bluetooth headset will come close. The Era is sleek and a sight to behold. It’s compact. It’s got ‘Noise Assassination’ technology that cuts background sound to a minimum. It’s got that barely there look and almost looks like an ear accessory. It comes in silver, red, bronze and black colours. The only drawback is that it’s called only four hours of battery life. So it’ll be good for those conference calls whenever needed.

An alternative to the Era would be the BlueAnt Q2 which also offers some great style incentive and voice commands to boot. And it’s the same price as the Era.

5) Sennheiser Presence-UC – $128
This will last between 8-10 hours on a full charge. It’s got two different techs for different purposes – WindSafe for eliminating wind noise and SpeakFocus for enhancing voice clarity. Sound quality is just as good as a product from Sennheiser should be expected to have. It comes in two colour options, black and silver. Users can never go wrong with the Sennheiser.


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