Truecaller introduces the ‘Call Me Back’ feature, but only for Android


Truecaller has rolled out a new feature for its app on Android that will allow users to reach out to folks when they can’t be called. The ‘Call Me Back’ feature will help a lot of people trying to reach others when the network is congested.

“Such a feature is something that the telecom service providers have been aiming to aid their last mile call completion challenges for quite some time caused either by less than ideal network connectivity or call congestion / congested network,” Truecaller said in a statement.

Especially in developing countries, where network towers and the availability of signal often fall short, this feature will let people connect more easily. If a call is being made to a TrueCaller, who has their contact details already saved, but the receiver isn’t able to answer, they’ll receive a notification overlay with two options – to either ‘ask to call back’ or ‘call anyway’. Upon selecting the first option, a notification will be sent to the receiver informing them to call back.

Now it’ll be a lot easier for users to get a call back. That also means no more excuses for avoiding calls. A lot of telecom networks offer this feature as a paid service to their users, but having Truecaller do this by themselves for free is pretty neat. In fact, a slew of updates in the recent past of Truecaller have made life a lot easier for their users, providing the ability to block numbers and instantly registering or identifying numbers that haven’t yet been listed.

The update is currently only going to be available for Android users at the moment so iPhone users will get some relief if they want to ignore a call by switching to Airplane mode. It’s a lot like Whatsapp’s double tick feature but for making calls instead. It’s useful feature and will probably be appreciated by the girlfriends, mothers, bosses and the ever-talkative friends in our lives.


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