Dart-C is dubbed the world’s smallest USB-C laptop charger


Laptop chargers are big and bulky. There’s no way to get around them, when using them in conferences, airports or even the local café. What’s worse is that laptops are growing smaller and compact every year, their utility heavily relies on the battery power and carrying a brick of a charger everywhere defeats the purpose of its portability. But that’s about to change, thanks to the new Dart-C.

Dart-C is the world’s smallest laptop charger that comes compatible with the latest standard – USB Type-C. Which is why the name is suffixed with a C, so that it keeps in with the modern laptops that support the popular medium for charging. It’ll also be able to simultaneously power up another phone or tablet if required.

It’s a 65-watt durable charger and is four times smaller and lighter than the traditional chargers we’re used to seeing. It’s also pretty fast at charging devices, with the company, California-based FINsix, claiming that the Dart-C can cycle up to 1,000 times faster than a regular power brick. The company’s CEO Vanessa Green stated that travellers who need a power adapter will be happy with the offerings of the Dart-C and that the new entrant in the portable charger market will be perfect for powering the next class of small and powerful electronic devices.

The charger will be available for $100 on the company’s official website for now, starting January. It’ll also be sold through other resellers. Colour choices include gunmetal, magenta, orange and silver. Dart-C is a successor to the original Dart, and for users who already have that, for just $35, the company will ship a cable that’s compatible for USB Type-C for bringing the goodness of the modern standard to the fray.

Granted, the Dart-C is quite expensive compared to its competition. But for that price, we get to simultaneously charge two devices and also get it in a small compact form-factor that doesn’t need to be rolled over to move around. It’ll take a few early adopters and some convincing to get the ball rolling though.

All in all, it’s a great little device that has come in just in time to brave the new year. For those who are regular travellers, or for those who just want to get rid of their old power brick, the Dart and Dart-C are compelling reasons enough to give them a purchase.

Good things do come in small packages.


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