Samsung’s foldable phones will release at CES or MWC?


For sometime rumors have been claiming that Samsung is working on foldable phones. Now the bone of contention appears to be the time it will be unveiled.

There are two foldable smartphones Samsung is purported to be working on. Both are expected to be released in 2017. It could either come out during the CES in January or even the Mobile World Congress (MWC) scheduled to be held a month later.

Phandroid reports that the first generation of Samsung’s foldable display device will be inward-folding. The outward-folding smartphones will follow with flexible displays wrapped around the front and back of the phone. Each of the devices could be launched at different events or even the same, there is no official word on the same.

One of the two foldable smartphones will be a dual-screen, while the other will be a single flexible OLED display. Samsung will start with limited editions and then up the production after gauging the interest surrounding the technology.

For a while Samsung has been working on the foldable and bendable smartphones. Last month, a patent application leaked illustrating the smartphone’s hinge from a number of angles. It was called the Galaxy X or Project Valley and was originally filed in April.

Rumors on Samsung’s foldable phones started way back in 2013. Various design concepts showing a flexible screen were demonstrated at CES 2013. But the last few months rumors have started to gather pace. With two major tech events to come, we know Samsung is prepping for something big. Not another Note 7 fiasco, we hope?


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