GoPro Karma Grip is for shake-free shots, know features & price


Want to shoot shake-free images on your GoPro camera? Here is what you need. GoPro on Sunday released the new Karma Grip to help capture stabilized footage.

Compatible with both Hero5 and Hero4 cameras, the Karma Grip offers seamless camera connectivity and control. It will go on sale online and at retail stores for $299.

Besides being used as a handheld device, it can also be mounted to GoPro’s Chest harness, backpack, helmet mounts and more. Having a sturdy appearance, users can easily power on and off the camera, start and stop recording and tag key moments with just a click.

The Karma Grip features a Tilt Lock feature that will hold the camera at a desired angle until released. Shooting shake-free footage is further made easy with on-the-fly angle adjustment and a pitch lock-and-release feature.

Nicholas Woodman, founder and CEO of GoPro, is proud the company’s latest stabilization grip can help “capture shake-free, Hollywood-caliber video” which he says is nothing short of stunning

“Whether it’s holding it in your hand as you chase your kids around the house or wearing it on your chest as you ski, hike or bike, Karma Grip makes ordinary shots look extraordinary,” he adds.

Currently, the Karma Grip is only compatible with GoPro Hero5 Black and Hero4 Black and Silver cameras. Besides the Karma Grip, GoPro also announced Remo, a voice-activated waterproof remote for Hero5 cameras.

Remo is capable of understanding 10 languages and can snap photos or start and stop recording from a distance up to 33ft.


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