Really Blue variant of Pixel smartphone is now on stock


If you were waiting for Google to restock the ‘Really Blue’ color option of Pixel smartphone, then the wait is over. The variant is now available in stock on the Google Store.

When it was launched, the Really Blue variant ran out of stock within hours. Though it appeared available for a brief period, only a few were lucky to get their hands on one.

There were rumors earlier that Google would not be restocking the Really Blue Pixel phones, which forced many to go with the Black or White variants.

As of now, we know Google has restocked the Really Blue Pixel and Pixel XL. It is currently available for purchase in the States.

Google unveiled the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones in October. The launch has turned out be a real gamechanger for Google with more than 3 million units expected to be sold before the end of year.

Morgan Stanley’s estimates suggest that the Pixel smartphones will generate $3.8 billion in revenue for Google in 2017.


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