Motorola bringing Project Tango tech for the Moto Z lineup?


Remember Motorola’s Phab 2 Pro? The first Project Tango device launched last month. Now, it appears Motorola is working on bringing some of the modular handset capabilities to the Moto Z lineup.

The company’s president Aymar de Lencquesaing told reporters at an event in Chicago this week that the Z handsets are “likely to have a Tango module.”

To recall, Project Tango is a new technology from Google that enables augmented reality gaming and utilities. Through the use of advanced sensors, you can map indoor spaces and also know the location of the device within that space.

Phab 2 Pro is the very first Project Tango phone which Lenovo and Google started working on in January of 2015. As Lenovo and Motorola are one and the same, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Motorola plans to adopt the Tango technology and bring it on the Moto Z.

A mod for the Moto Z would be allow users to easily add or remove the Tango functionality as they desire.


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