PogoCam: When you need a smartglass with a detachable camera


If you have marvelled at SnapChat’s ‘Spectacles’, you might very well appreciate PogoTec’s new wearable – the PogoCam.

The PogoCam is a camera that can be easily attached or detached from any eyewear. Dubbed as the world’s smallest wearable camera, PogoCam is available for a wide variety of frame styles, and is even designed for those that require prescription eyeglasses.

The small size of the camera makes it less visible on the eyewear. It measures only 10.9 x 12.5 x 42.8 millimeters and comes equipped with a 5MP sensor that can be attached magnetically to the eyewear.

“Our eyewear solution goes beyond the capabilities of Snap’s Spectacle product with a more advanced camera that takes still images as well as HD video, attaches easily to many frame styles with or without prescription lenses and matches the fashion style of the user,” says Ron Blum, Founder and CEO of PogoTec.

“It removes the user from the confines of a viewfinder, allowing people to enjoy and pay attention to the event while capturing it. The user can easily share their images or video with friends and family,” he adds.

Coming to details on the pictures, PogoCam allows you to capture and store 100 still photographs or up to two minutes of 720p HD video with full audio. The camera displays a light before a picture is being taken. It is activated by pressing a single button and images are uploaded to a mobile device.

Just like all the wearables that come with an accompanying app, PogoCam as well has a mobile app with a variety of features. Auto centering, auto alignment and image rotation is made much easy with it. “Just look and shoot, the camera and app does the rest of the work for you,” says Ron.

PogoCam will be soon showcased at the ShowStoppers media event in Las Vegas during the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show.

Another wearable camera that garnered much attention recently is the Snapchat Spectacles that comes equipped with a camera inside. The sunglasses can record 10-second video clips that upload to Snapchat via a smartphone paired through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.


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