OnePlus 3T vs HTC 10 Evo: Which one should you buy?


OnePlus and HTC are going all out in their quest to dominate the budget-friendly segment. HTC unveiled the new HTC 10 Evo in Taiwan. It is the global variant of the Sprint-exclusive HTC Bolt which was launched recently in the U.S. It will start shipping from November 28. The new OnePlus 3T on the other hand has hit store shelves in the U.S. on November 22 and is expected to arrive in the European market by November 28. The OnePlus 3T and the HTC 10 Evo butt heads when it comes to offering value. So which one of these to consider? Well, we have it all figured out here.

OnePlus went the same route they did when they launched the 3 – the same AMOLED FHD screen. It’s a very reliable screen and has just enough resolution for the eyes to appreciate. The HTC Evo on the other hand has a quad HD display. Both screens are the same size at 5.5 inches and in everyday usage, it’ll be difficult to notice which one trumps the other. But the OLED display definitely pops out more and provides deeper contrasts, so the OnePlus does a lot of things right here. Even though adding just FHD screen might seem like cost cutting alternative, it’s also efficient on energy for the battery.

Based on raw specs alone, the 3T throws the Evo out the water – Snapdragon 821, 6GB of RAM versus Snapdragon 810 and just 3GB of RAM. We’re pretty sure which one’s the King the here. Further, HTC’s outdated specs actually get worse. It doesn’t have a headphone jack either. It has to use the USB Type-C port for audio peripherals. Let’s face it, the HTC is running outdated hardware and irrelevant additional features, to say the least.

Both of these bad boys feature 16MP cameras. On front-facing side, the 3T has a better 16MP on the front too, while the HTC’s has an 8MP camera. Their main cameras both perform well in low lighting and adequately lighting conditions. They’ve got OIS as well, so video capture will also come out great. They both record in 4K as well.

The 3T will come with a more advanced version of Marshmallow than its predecessor. It should see Nougat soon though in the form of an update. But the Evo will come with Nougat out of the box. This makes deciding on either device a challenge, because everyone wants a bite of that. The 3T will get some good support software wise and thanks to the hardware inside, it will perform even better than the Evo. So despite the delay, the OnePlus doesn’t seem like bad choice.


The 3T has storage capacity capped at 128GB, while the Evo has expandable storage up to 2TB. The 3T has a more capable 3,400mAh battery compared to the Evo’s 3,000mAh. Also, the 3T is a lot cheaper than the Evo too. Now if the above lines aren’t indicative enough, that means the OnePlus is the way to go!


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