Telegram introduces two new features – Instant View & Telegraph


Telegram has announced two new features aimed at improving page load speed and publishing rich content on the platform.

The Instant View and Telegraph are two major updates rolled out on Tuesday. The Instant View works similar to Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), showing stripped-down, fast-loading webpages.

Found on Telegram’s new version 3.14, the Instant View button can be seen below the overview of an article or title. Besides swift loading, it also benefits users by saving on data costs. “Only a handful of websites are supported at the moment,” the company informed.

Another major feature introduced by the messaging service company is ‘Telegraph’, a publishing tool to create rich posts with text, photos, and embedded videos. The feature can be tried on

The lightweight blogging platform makes writing and publishing of content as easy as filling out a form. You also get a URL to share on social networks or to send to your contacts via mail. Unlike other platforms, here you can’t view or edit past works. However, you can edit all published content as long as you have an active browser session.

Telegram also added a way to search inside any chat by date. The feature enables you to swiftly view previous moments you have had in the app. Additionally, users will also be able to view all the recently sent stickers.

Besides the above, Telegram had some announcements for the Android community. It has brought a new interface for creating groups, selecting users in privacy settings and notification settings. There is an improved security for passcode locks, besides camera speed and better video compression.

Telegram teased “something big is brewing in our secret dungeons”, asking users to stay tuned.


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