Report: iPhone 8’s all-glass casing will support wireless charging


People have barely gotten up to speed with the iPhone 7 and already news of the iPhone 8 is breaking the internet.

The rumours are rife with talks of there being an edge-to-edge OLED display with the front facing camera, the home button and the touch sensor all being integrated into the screen itself. It’s also been heard that the phone will have an all glass body instead of a metal body. We’ll take all of these features with a pinch of salt however.

Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI Securities, an Apple analyst said that the new Apple iPhone 8 might come with wireless charging. Users will get to charge their iPhone through an inductive pad that’s similar to the way the Apple Watch charges. And if Apple is reportedly switching metal for glass, it would make sense since it’ll allow for faster charging. In fact, Apple might be aggressively promoting wireless charging for their phones throughout 2018. But again, it’s all just speculation.

KGI in a report had also mentioned that Apple will release three devices which are successors to the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. The report said that they’ll come in glass casings as well as an OLED screen. It might appear to be a bezel-less phone as well.

The part about the wireless charging may come to fruition somehow since KGI has stated that Pegatron would be the sole supplier of the wireless charger. There’s nothing about how existing iPhones would cope with the sudden change in standard of wireless charging – whether they’ll get extra accessories or docks or what not.

The next iteration of the iPhone isn’t going to be launched until September of next year and if tradition isn’t broken, it’s going to mark the release the ‘s’ badge of iPhone 7s. So talking about the iPhone 8, which probably would take another year to fully materialize, will make all the rumours surrounding it at this time a little underwhelming.

“We believe Apple will add OIS function to the telephoto CCM in order to enhance the selling points of next year’s new iPhone. We think photo quality and optical zoom range may both improve as a result,” said Kuo in his research note.

“We expect the telephoto lens will be redesigned to support OIS in the telephoto CCM, with challenges likely coming from: the need to increase the image circle of the telephoto lens, which will lead to longer calibration time and a more complex assembly processes; and a redesign of the telephoto lens, as an increased image circle will result in degraded photo quality around the corners,” he noted.

But if we’re getting three iPhones next year, let’s hope at least one of them comes with something truly breakthrough-worthy – a headphone jack.


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