Amazfit PACE wearable is just in time, know features & price


China gets all the good tech. We’ve only heard of brands like Huawei and Xiaomi, but there are a lot more companies out there in China that could give even these ones a run for their money. One such brand is Huami, with its Amazfit PACE.

The Amazfit is a cheap smartwatch that the world never got to see. It’s one wearable that would put Samsung’s Gear and Motorola’s 360 line to shame. All this shaming comes about thanks to the watch’s super cool looks and specs. It’s not very often a watch like this comes along that allows users to leave their phones at home during their fitness regimes.

While this smartwatch was only, until recently, available only in China, it has been available for a few months and has now made its way to the U.S., making this a smartwatch to look out for. This is a fitness-oriented smartwatch – like all smartwatches nowadays – and will feature the heart-rate tracker and also tracks the running activities of the wearer as well as how many calories they’ve burned over the course of their run. For the climbers, Amazfit PACE will tell the user what level of altitude they’re at and also the elevation rate. In short, it’ll offer the user a wealth of metric that they wouldn’t even know what to do with.

Looks-wise, it’s a killer. A nice bright band with an always on round display makes the watch look sporty and very sleek. We’re not sure if the bands are interchangeable, but the device has an IP67 rating. It’s got ceramic bezels so that the watch won’t get nicked during that hike. A really neat feature for wearers who want to pack light and leave their phones at home is the built-in 2.4GB of storage space for storing those music tracks. It can even pair with some wireless headphones.

Battery seems to be pretty good too, with 11 days of usage promised on a single charge. But the GPS and heart tracking on though, that will squeeze the life out of the device at just 36 hours. It isn’t much, but it’ll do. The Amazfit will be available for a limited period of time during the Cyber Monday sale at $129 and will come in black and red colours. After that, it’ll be available on Amazon and its own website for $159.


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