Pyle’s instant Portable Photo Printer is just the size of an iPhone


Nowadays, just printing out photos onto a gsm paper for keeping it as a physical homage to a memory has become somewhat of an outdated activity. No one takes printouts of photos much these days. Pyle might have just the thing to bring back that blast from the past.

Digital photography was the cause of print’s death. But instant photos are making a comeback, not as instantly as one would hope, but companies like Pyle are definitely fast-tracking the process with its new Portable Instant Photo Printer. It’s a compact little device that’ s about 6.2 inches tall and 3.2 inches wide, which is either the size of the Galaxy S6 and the iPhone 6.

This means it can be carried in a bag and taken during outings for making those instant memories. The best thing about this apart from being small is that it’s got zero wiring. All the user will need is the companion app that’s available for download on Android and iOS. It’ll allow users to print PNG and JPG files directly to the device. The photos can also be edited through filters in the app itself. It also offers templates from business cards to even creating collages.

The way the printer will be printing the photographs is through a special inkless cartridge at 3.5×2 inches at 291 dpi resolution. The prints are small at the end of the day, but are a lot bigger than the regular pictures like the ones we see on the Fujifilm Instax Mini 90. There isn’t any process for the photos to be exposed to light or anything, so everything is fast and smooth. Each cartridge will be able to dole out 10 prints, and are sold in packs of two – so 20 prints per refill. That puts the printing costs at $1 per print. Which doesn’t seem too economical.

The battery on the device lets users print up to 25 pictures per charge, making it on par with the others in the competition such as Polaroid, Fujifilm and Prynt. But the Pyle PicKit is the only portable printer out there that also offers borderless image outputs.

For those who are interested, it’ll be available for $100 on Amazon. Not sure about the running costs though. At $1 a print, seems like some would prefer viewing their photos on a screen just fine.


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